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Now There’s an IQ Test for Siri and Friends


The 2016 ranking—the most recent test they publish—is as follows.

  1. Human 18 years old 97
  2. Human 12 years old 84.5
  3. Human 6 years old 55.5
  4. Google 47.28
  5. Baidu’s Duer 37.2
  6. Baidu 32.92
  7. Sogou 32.25
  8. Bing 31.98
  9. Microsoft’s Xiaobing 24.48
  10. Apple’s Siri 23.94

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“Machines making machines”




Others have found that GPT-3 can generate any kind of text, including guitar tabs or computer code. For example, by tweaking GPT-3 so that it produced HTML rather than natural language, web developer Sharif Shameem showed that he could make it create web-page layouts by giving it prompts like “a button that looks like a watermelon” or “large text in red that says WELCOME TO MY NEWSLETTER and a blue button that says Subscribe.” Even legendary coder John Carmack, who pioneered 3D computer graphics in early video games like Doom and is now consulting CTO at Oculus VR, was unnerved: “The recent, almost accidental, discovery that GPT-3 can sort of write code does generate a slight shiver.”

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